Epic Fail!

So, I completely failed this year. I didn’t even finish January. Quite pitiful, really.

I can make up all sorts of excuses but really it’s just about me doing something stupid.

I was doing someone a favor and ended up formatting the wrong disk. It was not yet back up day and so all the rest of the images I’ve prepared for January disappeared.

I don’t know why but I didn’t go for a recovery tool. Perhaps, it was panic.

I actually attempted to patch the rest of January with images from February by taking two pictures a day for a few days until it was all filled. But I couldn’t push through with it. It didn’t feel right.

And I couldn’t turn back time so there…

But who says I can’t try again?

totally red

Just note: it’s an actual picture and it’s not CG. Neither is it paint.

cloudless blueI think the clouds intend to give way to the sun a bit longer.

It’s such a vast expanse of blue out there now. If I were still imagining the rapid, then, they’re gone and the river has turned still. Not much of an adventure up there anymore.

But the word “topiary” is somehow in my head. Is that what they’re called?

One thing I know for sure is that the more expertly done sort can look simply amazing.