peanut grassBut the people of the university somehow sees them as beautiful enough to put up front the school.

They’re basically the welcoming committee in there.


necklaceSo, she makes me wear jewelry.

This is one of them. It followed the set of earrings she gave me. It took quite a while. I guess, she grew a bit more discontent of what the earrings can do for me.

I get a lot of favors from her. So there.

rainy dayNope, it’s not anywhere near pretty as pretty days can be.

But I just couldn’t capture the rain.

Anyone who can point me to a camera that can do that?

dogThis dog began following me when I started from the house of his masters. This one wasn’t barking me or anything, just following.

Which I found curious because I wasn’t a familiar there. Or was I? And, I didn’t have any food on me so that made it all the more curious.

The dog was so close to me, basically, just a few inches from me that I knew a picture would be easy enough. So, I pulled out my phone at tried to aim at the dog. Then the dog started running!

That was weird… Our dog didn’t run when we tried to take a picture. Well, it wasn’t a phone then, it was an actual camera. Not that it made should’ve made a difference should it?

Ah, well, dogs are a different sort than us, aren’t they?

three leaves

It’s formations like these that make me with for clovers to naturally grow in our surroundings. Unfortunately, they don’t.

By the way, there was such a mysterious moonlight beaming through the clouds this early morning that my phone’s camera would never do justice. The coconut leaves framing it only added to the effect. Unfortunately for me, I couldn’t capture a tiny bit of its mystery.

The effect would’ve been perfect for a Friday the 13th.

Now, the image can only live in my head.

When clouds are too low

Although, it should be obvious that it’s actually raining. And, it’s actually raining pretty hard.

But it’s as if your about to enter an unknown space.