tall tree

I was waiting outside the school of my niece (Niece if for girls, right?), waiting for her, thinking about not much in particular when I noticed this tree and realized something about it. (I was too near for my phone to take in everything so, I decided to capture the top. Although, the parts near the roots should’ve captured more of its age.)

It’s always been there but it’s not until now, when I decided to watch better, than I saw more of it. See, these guys are the ones that watch over us as we play as little kids, grow up, and go through life. We leave this world much faster than they do and, so, they are able to witness more of this planet than we ever do.*

However, it is unfortunate that, all too many times, we disregard them and forget about their significance. Nevertheless, they are there and keep watch of the times like silent sentinels observing the world as it blurs past them.

*Just to note, I don’t think these ones live as long as oak trees but you get the picture.


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